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Seminars and Events


If you have presentation skills seminars are a great way to gain creditability for your expertise, meet prospective clients and referrers, promote what you do and gain new business.  However they are time consuming to organise and the all important follow up is often forgotten.

I will book and organise the venue, promote the event to appropriate delegates in the most cost effective way and create and organise your delegate packs.

As an additional service, using your raw presentation content, I can also create a snazzy power point show and advise on how to make your presentation more interesting and interactive. Nobody wants death by Power Point!

Most importantly, and this is the thing that is so often forgotten, I  can follow up your leads to ensure that any potential business that could be achieved is achieved.


Corporate Hospitality is a great way to thank existing clients, meet new clients and network with your referrers. Whether you want a small and intimate event to entertain your key client or referrer or a major event to impress your entire network of connections I can help with creative ideas and organisation.

Alternatively why not host a profile raising fundraising event. Charity events generally show your firm in a good light, increase your network of connections and can aid business development if done correctly. Charity events can fit any budget and can range from  a simple pub quiz to a major banquet. You benefit, your chosen charity benefits and hopefully all your guests will have a great time.

Take time to talk

Grab yourself a cup of something hot, pick up the phone, call me and we can chat about how I can help your firm. If you would prefer to meet I'll even buy the coffee.

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