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Outsourced Marketing

Your time is precious and, dare I say, probably expensive. Why do you want to spend your time on marketing when you could hire the services of a fully qualified and highly experienced marketing professional who knows how to get the right results and works for a fraction of your hourly rate?

Outsourced marketing works in one of two ways.

Project Specific Marketing

When you have a specific project you need help with, for example a new service launch, brand revamp, a new website or social media set up, then I can come on board to help. Where appropriate, I always work with SMART objectives so we understand expectations from the outset and so you will have a clear idea on project costs. That’s the beauty of project specific outsourced marketing. It’s like having a marketing manager to hire and fire at will without being bound by the constraints of employment law.

Retainer Based Marketing

This is for your firm if you don’t want to take on an employee but you do need someone to help with your marketing on a regular basis. Keeping your website fresh with relevant and interesting content, regular newsletters, social media posts, directory entries, new and exciting advertising campaigns is,  for most professional service firms, a crucial part of their marketing activity (at least it should be). You may need me for one or two days a week or you may not want to commit to more than a few hours a month but whatever your commitment the retainer does attract cheaper rates than the project specific outsourced marketing.

Take time to talk

Grab yourself a cup of something hot, pick up the phone, call me and we can chat about how I can help your firm. If you would prefer to meet I'll even buy the coffee.

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