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Digital Marketing

If a large percentage of your new business is not generated from the digital world then you need to ask yourself, ‘Why?’ Business to business, business to consumer it makes no difference. The modern trend is that people start their search for goods and services online.  Even if they hear of your businesses by other means, a recommendation for example, the chances are they will check out your website – your online shop window.

The arena of digital marketing is huge but in a nutshell to be successful in digital marketing you need to have:

1) An engaging website full of relevant and up-to-date content

2) Mechanisms in place to drive traffic to that website

To achieve this you need to have your graphic designer, your web designer, your content writer, your social media activity and your marketing planning all working  together which is why employing a consultant with digital marketing expertise is recommended. Below are some of the ways Ad Idem can help you gain digital marketing success.


Ad Idem can help if your website needs updating or creating. We ensure that your website has great visibility with search engine technology and that the content on your website is relevant and current.  Always a forefront consideration when building a website is the objective of the website build which we will establish at the start of the project. For example, if you want your website to generate your firm new client leads, the website will be built with relevant and enticing copy accompanied by strong call to action techniques. If most of your work comes from referrals then your website requirement may be a simple brochure site that includes relevant information and contact information. Whatever your needs and budget Ad Idem can help.

In addition you need to know your website is performing. Any website built by us includes a built in Google Analytics Tracker which will provide you with a quarterly report on who is visiting your website, how they are finding it and how they are interacting with it.


A microsite is a site that is built in addition to your main website but it will focus on one specifc area of the business. These are increasing in popularity because the highly focused nature of the site means it can be found by search engines but even better is the conversion rate of web visitor to new enquiry. If the content of a website is very relevant to the search term of the web visitor  they are ten times more likely to make an enquiry. People want specialists and a microsite creates this perception.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of making your website visible to Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines. You may have the best looking website in your sector but if the search engines can’t find it your losing out on potential business. Ad Idem can advise on search engine optimisation techniques and, more than often, these can be applied to an existing website without the need of a complete website revamp. Ad Idem can introduce you to search engine techniques which you can then implement in-house or we can help if you sign up for the outsourced marketing service.

Social Media

Love it or loathe it it’s here to stay. After an initial consultation with you, Ad Idem can create a social media marketing plan and then set up whatever platforms you need to implement the plan including firm Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn and blog accounts.

On a retainer basis Ad Idem can ensure your social media platforms are kept up-to-date with regular content however, the best form of social media marketing needs the people in your business to get involved.  They can use social media to connect with clients and potential clients. Your staff and their expertise are, after all, the service you are trying to sell. I can offer training on how to effectively use social media platforms to raise the profile of the firm and the individuals within it. I can also train you on how to use social media to identify prospects and win business. It’s much easier and less time consuming than you may think.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your clients, contacts and prospects. A regular enewsletter keeps you at the forefront of their minds and enables you to inform people of important developments, promote your services and any offers, introduce new staff, recruit new staff, promote the work you do in the local community and the list goes on. Email marketing is very cost effective BUT the newsletter can be time consuming to put together and generating content doesn’t come easily to everyone.

Ad Idem takes the hassle out of email marketing and ensures its effectiveness. Although Ad Idem can create generalistic articles about your industry ideally your newsletter needs to contain unique content about your firm. All we need is a 10 minute conversation once a month or quarter (depending on the frequency of the newsletter) with key members of staff to enable Ad Idem to generate that unique content for the newsletter.

And that’s not all folks

The aforementioned are just a few of the ways that Ad Idem can help with your digital marketing but the possibilities are enourmous and there are too many to mention here. If digital marketing is something you would like to embrace the best approach would be to create a digital marketing strategy that suits your business. This can be done through Ad Idem’s marketing consultancy service.

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