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Welcome to Ad Idem Marketing

Ad Idem Marketing is the alias of Julie Draper, a Marketing Consultant and Marketing Implementer, who is available to professional services businesses who have limited or no in house marketing resource. I’m also available to in house marketeers who occasionally need some extra support.

As a consultant I can help you to create your marketing strategy and I’m full of creative but commercially viable ideas. Any plan I create on your behalf will always be measurable with SMART objectives. SMART objectives help achieve ad idem – a meeting of the minds.

As a marketing implementer I give marketing strategy life.  Acting as your in-house marketing manager I can ensure that your plans come to fruition and deliver the expected results.

I am available on a retainer basis to ensure your ‘bread and butter’ marketing is achieved or, on a project specific basis when extra resource and marketing knowledge is required to ensure successful project completion.

Please take a few moments to take a look around this website to see how my services could benefit your firm or, contact me for a no obligation consultation.